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Workplace Wellness.

Reports done by various agencies are showing so many people are suffering from a mental health issue today, pressures in life and the workplace are taking its toll within the workplace, and Occupational, Health and Safety [OH&S/WH&S] are trying to educate businesses on the importance of this and educate the employers on how to combat this.

Activities, both in your personal life and work place change on a daily basis.

Mental health in the workplace, depression, anxiety
Counselling can help with anxiety in the workplace

Emphasis is being focused on the work environment by OH&S as many accidents happen while at work and the reports are showing that this can be related back to mental health issues – anxiety, depression, grief & loss.

It’s hard to control how one is thinking and many a time a thought occurs which can be distracting, which in turn then can lead to a slip in concentration and the inevitable accident occurs.

One’s ability to concentrate on what they are working on becomes compromised and slowness creeps in and the job does not get done within a reasonable time, so productivity is reduced.

An employee can be late for work on a regular basis, or does not come in at all and wants to leave not long after arriving. They isolate themselves and become withdrawn. Employee becomes lethargic, does not want to get out bed to go to work - this is not a happy situation at all

There are many reasons behind this, - bullying, home/family issues, financial, medical condition, drug and alcohol, personality clashes, just to name a few.

Have you considered mentioning what is happening around you, does Management realise/know that this may be the cause for loss of productivity or that it is an unhappy environment in which to work.

Offering a Counselling /therapy session at your work place is one recommendation that will improve the situation.

Counselling/Therapy can be on an individual basis or as a group.

All sessions are confidential with no reporting back to the employer on individual issues, a service that can be offered to all employers/employees for a safer, healthier, and a happier working environment.

If you find you can relate to this, maybe it’s time to do something about it.

Phone: 0434 436 835 - Kay

Making the workplace a happier and safer place.

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