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Coming to see a trained Clinician is essential when dealing with abuse.


Abuse comes in different forms and is generally covers:-

  • Mental abuse

  • Sexual abuse

  • Psychical abuse

  • Parental and adult abuse

  • Neglect

  • Financial abuse

Suffering from abuse is usually from prolonged exposure and starts from a young age.

Breaking the cycle is necessary for the well-being of the abused, as often the same pattern will continue later in life – the cycle needs to be broken.


Often an underlying cause can be found, this can be in the form of alcohol or drugs, depression, anxiety or from a mental illness.

Some abuse is done unconsciously and again the cycle needs to be broken.

We need to recognise the triggers



If you are suffering at the hands of another, it is time to see a trained clinician.

You can make an appointment by calling  0434 436 835 or contact can be made through the website email below

All sessions are confidential and held in a safe environment.

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