Anger is a natural emotion and sometime a necessary one, in that it will motivate you to react, to effect change. However, it is the way you handle this emotion that you may need/require help with. 

It is a powerful emotion and if directed incorrectly the consequences can be devastating, anger can   be directed inwardly or outwardly, be positive or negative. 

Anger helps us to make change, it can motivate you, to speak up for yourself,  to set boundaries, discover your own self-worth, the value you put upon yourself and to develop new behaviours. 

A healthy anger can instigate us to create all manner of things, gives us energy to try something new.  Whereas, as unhealthy anger brings out aggression and can be self-destructive.  Or this can also be directed towards someone else.

Unhealthy anger directed outwards  - 
 Violence or aggression 
 Verbal abuse or emotional outbursts 
 Relationship problems 
 Feeling agitated  - defensive. 
Unhealthy anger directed inwards – 
 Anxiety and stress 
 Withdrawn, becoming passive aggressive