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Anxiety Support

Generally speaking anxiety is a normal and healthy emotion.  However it is the level and frequency of anxiety we are concerned about, as although we may realise this, it can be hard to halt it.


Anxiety is a feeling we experience when we are worried, nervous or uneasy about the outcome of a situation, and this can affect our mental ability to see our way through, it can also manifest physically.


During our lifetime we feel tense, we are stressed out and occasionally we know what has caused this, the reason behind this tension, but sometimes we don’t. 


A certain amount of stress in our daily routine is unavoidable and inevitable, but when this continues on, or escalates it is unacceptable, as consistent high levels of stress is detrimental to our own well-being.  

This can be seen in our relationships with others, how we work and communicate with our fellow work colleagues.  

We can become isolated and become obsessed with various other things.


Some of the symptoms relating to anxiety are –

  • Consistent tension, fear and worry

  • Sleep disturbance and consistently waking

  • Hypervigilance in relation to other people

  • Relationship disturbance due to neediness

  • Difficulty concentrating and easily over-whelmed

  • Become withdrawn

Physical symptoms can be in the form of– headaches, migraines, muscle tension, heart palpation, eating and sex problems.

Feeling disconnected – dissociated.


If you can relate to any of these symptoms and would like to discuss them, please reach out

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