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Letting Go

Stress is can be a common occurrence in everyday life, it happens at home, at work, going to school, travelling, in our daily routine and in every ones relationship.

Ongoing research has been conducted on stress by Leger, Charles & Almeida and as reported by the Association for Psychological Science 2018 that not dealing with stress at the time, it is likely to report health problems and physical limitations later in life.

From this research evidence suggests there is a clear association between same-day responses to stress and long-term well-being.

Analysis of the report revealed, that lingering negative emotions in response to stress was associated with a greater number of health issues, and these issues include chronic illnesses, functional impairments, and everyday tasks a decade later.

Leger, K. A., [2018], explained in her report that health outcomes not only reflect how people react to daily stressors, or the number of stressors they are exposed to, but how negative they feel the next day, and this has important consequences for physical health and well-being.

And as the research conducted in this area is showing, negativity has some unpleasant repercussions.

If you are feeling stressed, or you are anxious give me a call and let me help you overcome what it is that’s causing the stress. Together we can overcome it.

All sessions are strictly confidential and conducted in a non-judgemental and safe environment.

Give me a call – Kay on 0434 436 835

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