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The Purpose of Counselling is

To Set People Free

Why Counselling?

Feelings are an integral part of our lives and control how we portray ourselves and react to others, we can be happy or sad, and if we are unhappy, the more we ignore our feelings the worse our situation can become.

Therapy helps to understand these feelings, gives a clue to any underlying hurt which needs attention and healing, as this does not heal by itself.

Counselling will expand your self-awareness in relation to how you think and act, bringing awareness of your feelings and will help you navigate through any issues that you are facing.

Counselling support from a trained clinician can provide positive changes to your way of thinking and to your actions and reactions.

There is no judgement in therapy and no stigma attached to seeking help to cope with any issues.  


We all have them and sometimes we just need a little help.

why counselling
counselling northern beaches therapy
If you need someone to talk to....
reach out
there's no need to go through anything alone.

Specialising in Anxiety Treatment, Depression and Couples Therapy


Generally speaking anxiety is a normal and healthy emotion.  However it is the level and frequency of anxiety we are concerned about, as although we may realise this, it can be hard to halt it.


Anxiety is a feeling we experience when we are worried, nervous or uneasy about the outcome of a situation, and this can affect our mental ability to see our way through, it can also manifest physically.


Most individuals at some time may feel depressed, you feel miserable, and you are sad and anxious.   


This feeling can come from a broken relationship, the loss of your job/career, an accident, death or miscarriage, loneliness , getting older. 

This feeling is normal, .....


Relationship therapy between couples, families, parents, work colleagues or friends is one of the most common factors facing clients today.


So many issues can arise between married couples, family members, colleagues and cause a great deal of distress and discomfort to all.


Suffering from abuse is usually from prolonged exposure and may start from a young age.

Breaking the cycle is necessary for the well-being of the abused, as often the same pattern will continue later in life – the cycle needs to be broken.


Trauma comes from different sources, this can result from an accident and sends the person into depression, or it can come in the form of neglect from a parent in early childhood.


Anger is a natural emotion and sometime a necessary one, in that it will motivate you to react, to effect change.  However, it is the way you handle this emotion that you may need/require help with. 

It is a powerful emotion and if directed incorrectly the consequences can be devastating, anger can   be directed inwardly or outwardly, be positive or negative. 

Grief & Loss

Grief is a response to a loss. 


It is a very personal experience and a natural process that occurs over time.

We grieve for all manner of things – the death of a person, the loss of a relationship, divorce, a job through redundancy or it may be retirement. 

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