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Grief and Loss

Grief is a response to a loss.  It is a very personal experience and a natural process that occurs over time.

We grieve for all manner of things – the death of a person, the loss of a relationship, divorce, a job through redundancy or it may be retirement. 


Another loss we suffer is the loss in our health, be it ageing, an illness or as a result of an accident. Everyone experiences loss differently and react in different ways.


Varying degrees of sadness will be experienced due to the relationship or the attachment to the deceased.   

The loss of a faithful pet, which has been with the family for a long period of time, can be just as devastating.


How we act in relation to death depends on -

  • What we have lost

  • Was it a parent, a child, a spouse or may be a grandparent.

  • How much did that person mean to us

  • How did death occur, was this due to an accident ageing, illness, murder or was it suicide.

  • How did the person pass, peaceful and/or was it unexpected.

  • Your spirituality and the way you perceive the loss

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Elizabeth Kubler-Ross in her 1969 book ‘On Death and Dying’, describes the 5 stages of grief :


Denial – Deny the loss – this is not happening

Anger – Anger comes as you begin to accept reality

Bargaining- Trying to get them back, “If I do this will my loss be taken away”

Depression – Feeling numb, although anger and sadness remains underneath

Acceptance – Final stage of mourning has tapered off, the reality of the situation is accepted.


Another form of Grief we can experience is called  Anticipatory Grief:- 


Once the loss of a person or thing is on the horizon, it is natural that we begin to grieve. This type of grief carries the same symptoms as regular grief and is often felt by a carer or caregiver.


If you have suffered a loss, no matter what the loss is from or the time of your loss, the need to talk to someone will help ease the grieving period

There is no time limit on grieving

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